Fun at All Cities Open


LIz tackles the WOD 3 for the day at the ACO. Her first competition.

What an amazing time with a ton of CrossFitters at the CrossFit Dallas Central All Cities Open.

The CrossFit community is an amazing thing. It takes all levels, all sizes and scales and takes them in
as part of the family. Amazing.


Mike Fio hit some big PR’s this weekend.


Carson hit some PR’s too. Like this back squat.

Race to the Finish for Holly Jolly


Are you eating well over the holidays? We have one week left in our Holly Jolly Challenge. How do you feel? How is your performance? Any PR’s? Keep eating paleo and keep getting those wods in and your succuss will continue to skyrocket!

The finals for Holly Jolly is next Saturday the 18th. We will have our CrossFit Potluck after the final wod. Come ready to have some fun! Get those points in this week.

CrossFit v. Doughnuts


Teamwork builds strength, allows you to help others and helps you push through barriers. The doughnut wars
Saturday brought a tough challenge to each group participating. A super WOD and a great time for all.

Friday night at the Clinic is a special Ladies class at 6pm. Coach Kindel will lead the class for the gals followed by some time out on the town.

Any of the guys who normally attend this class, feel free to jump in at the 609 box at 5:30 for a super tough MAN workout!

This Weekend Liz, Mike, Carson, and Wladi will be competing in the All Cities Open in Dallas with some of the fittest people on the planet! Wish them luck and
follow us on our twitter and facebook to keep up with the standings. They will tackle 4 grueling wods in one day with a half-time break where they race for the $1000 Fran competition.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.


Kindle finds a way to squeeze in that wod, while her daughter gets to see her mom demonstrate some
discipline and sacrifice. It is tough to balance the demands of life and family, find a way. How do you set the example?

Friday night is ladies night. Come to class at 6pm at the clinic then go out with the gals for some fun.

Holly Jolly Team wods get points!

Team Pride Snatchers does a guerilla wod in front of Bush’s Chicken. Thats points baby!

The Holly Jolly Team wods are blowing up. Remember to keep your logs up to date and get those
wods in. This is gonna be a close race. Don’t slack off.

Team Uncle Mo wod in the park. Too tough for Fio.

Saturday will be awesome!

Come out on Saturday for a great wod! Free to all at the 609 location at 9:30am. See ya there. The whole gang will be there and we expect a tough WOD and a ton of fun for all.

CrossFit Cedar Park 2010

CrossFit is for family. We have a great CrossFit family here. You guys rock! Check out our year end video from2009. Wait till you see this years video! The End of 2010 is going to be awesome!

Make sure you give it all you got for the next month and close out 2010 in style!