CrossFit v. Doughnuts


Teamwork builds strength, allows you to help others and helps you push through barriers. The doughnut wars
Saturday brought a tough challenge to each group participating. A super WOD and a great time for all.

Friday night at the Clinic is a special Ladies class at 6pm. Coach Kindel will lead the class for the gals followed by some time out on the town.

Any of the guys who normally attend this class, feel free to jump in at the 609 box at 5:30 for a super tough MAN workout!

This Weekend Liz, Mike, Carson, and Wladi will be competing in the All Cities Open in Dallas with some of the fittest people on the planet! Wish them luck and
follow us on our twitter and facebook to keep up with the standings. They will tackle 4 grueling wods in one day with a half-time break where they race for the $1000 Fran competition.