Emily Does NOT Quit!

Emily Success


Emily when she started CrossFit

I joined CrossFit Cedar Park after making the decision to get into shape. My sister had previously worked out with them and highly recommended it. She said she had been in the best shape of her life and I should just check it out. I was nervous about doing crossfit because I had never attempted anything like it. Prior to starting CrossFit I was frustrated. Every year I gained more weight. I didn’t like looking in the mirror because I don’t think the person in it looked like me. I made every excuse possible - lack of time or costs too much. When I did start working out, I didn’t see the results fast enough and I ended up frustrated. I overeat, over indulged and then felt guilty and worse about myself.

In my initial baseline workout, Robin told me not to worry about it taking so long, she explained that I was just weak right now but I would get stronger. A few months later, I repeated baseline and cut my time in half. I started to see results in the first month - it was why I kept coming back no matter how sore I got. I knew how out of shape I was and I knew it was going to be tough, so I mentally prepared myself to feel sore before I felt better. I do not consider myself an athlete and didn’t consider myself active. When I first began, I couldn’t run 200m without stopping - by month 4, I joined the 5K challenge and ran the whole race without stopping.


Lost 20 lbs and 3 pant sizes and can do kipping pullups

However, I think my greatest accomplishment is my kipping pullups. I started with jumping and slowly moved to the band. Little by little, I moved to smaller bands. I had given myself to my 1 year CrossFit anniversary to get my first kipping pullup. I met my goal 5 weeks early and then the next day, I got 2 in a row. My next goal is to do 5 in a row. I’ve lost 20lbs, 3 pant sizes and I am stronger and healthier than I’ve been in years.
The coaches at CFCP have never pushed me to do more than I am capable, however, they do push me out of my comfort zone to do things I never thought possible. It is a great feeling to be in the middle of a workout, you don’t know how you are going to finish and your coach encourages you to keep working and the crossfitters in your class help you finish. Once it is over, it is just such a huge sense of accomplishment.


Within the past year, I have rearranged my priorities. I make time to come workout and look for more ways to do more when I can. I remember that when I am having trouble at work or with family, I know if I keep chipping away at the problem I will get through it. I know these situations will only make me stronger and it will be easier the next time.

My husband doesn’t crossfit regularly, but my success has inspired him to eat healthier and be more active. He has taken up raquetball and is very supportive of the paleo diet. He has lost 8lbs just by changing the way he eats with me.

I am thankful to the coaches and the entire Tillman CF community. Everyone is always supportive and positive and excited about other’s successes and for that I am glad to be a part of CFCP