Holly Jolly Time!

Kids 029

Remember How much fun we had last year? Well, it is that time again to keep yourselves accountable over the holidays and actually make some progress in your fitness. Improve your fitness, have fun, make some friends, and make a few bucks while your are at it! Sounds like a Win - Win situation to me. Sign up today! Check out the rules below.

1. Registrator for the challenge - $25 throw-in. $15 will go back to the kitty for prizes for top 3

  • Teams of 4. Pick a team name
  • All team members must workout at CFCP a minimum of 2x per weeks.
  • Teams will earn points by: Eating Paleo 7 days a week (with the exception of 1 cheat meal per week)
  • WODs done outside of CFCP are worth 1 point per wod. Limit is 3 WODs per day.
  • Submitting your individual Holly Jolly Journal completed with daily workouts and nutrition log weekly.
  • Meet with your team outside of CFCP in CFCP t-shirts to do a public workout and earn extra points. Video or photo evidence is required.
  • Points will be deducted for more than one cheat meal per week (-3), Failure to Log workouts and nutrition (-3 per blank, -25 per blank week or not turning in a journal)
  • All points will be controlled by a CFCP Coach Only.
  • A Final Team Workout will be on Saturday, December 18th. This wod WILL count for some big points so do not leave your team behind by not showing up for this event. Followed by a Paleo Holiday Potluck - so bring your favorite Paleo dish.