Jan 13

Kendra’s Journey

Kendra injury


In April of 2013, I had surgery to repair my labrum and rotator cuff.  The last thing I remember the doctor saying to me before I went under anesthesia was that I would never Olympic lift again.  Two months of rehabilitation and physical therapy with my doctor and I was still struggling with daily functional movements like lifting my arm above my head.

Chase Ingraham of CrossFit Big D referred me to Michael Tillman of Tillman Physical Therapy & Sports Training Center, Inc. Three months after surgery, I traveled to Cedar Park and started working with Michael.  Within a matter of a few sessions, he restored my range of motion and my basic functional movements and began to build strength.

Before surgery, I struggled with building strength in all of my Olympic Lifts. Michael’s therapy began to rebuild and strengthen my shoulders in each position and I was able to match and eventually beat all of my pre-surgery lifts within 6 months.  Mike paid particular attention to the quality of movement throughout my recovery knowing my goals were to continue competing as a CrossFit Athlete.  With his help, I was able to compete in CrossFit again 8 months post surgery.  There have been bumps in the road over the last 20 months and with each hiccup, he has been there to help assess and direct me towards a stronger overhead position.

Pre-surgery overhead numbers
(April 2013)
Strict press – 82.5
Snatch – 130
Jerk – 170

Post-surgery overhead numbers
(December 2014)
Strict press – 92.5 (Three Rep Max)
Snatch – 150
Jerk – 185